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There are very few true art enthusiasts who have not heard of Hessam. An abstract painter whose work is both colorful and romantic, Hessam's style is a creation all his own. At Greg Lane Fine Arts, we are thrilled to include Hessam in our impressive list of extraordinary artists.

Born in 1951 in the country of Iran, Hessam (born Hessam Abrishami) began his artistic career as a teenager. On the advice and encouragement of a respected high school instructor, Hessam dove head-first into artistic creation and never looked back. His success was almost immediate. After winning several national awards and acclaims for his paintings, Hessam relocated to Italy where he continued his artistic education.

Although he was already well on his way to becoming a worldwide success, Hessam enrolled in Perugia's renowned Accademi de Belle Arti where he earned his Master's degree. Like many of his contemporaries, Hessam does not restrict his art to one medium. A master with the canvas as well as the clay, Hessam's paintings and sculptures draw equal acclaim.

Colorful, imaginative and semi-abstract, Hessam's creations are a favorite among both novice and experienced art lovers. If you are interested in investing in a quality piece of artwork, we hope you will consider Hessam. For more information about Hessam or if you would like to see examples of his work, please continue to browse our online gallery.

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