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Norman Rockwell Art

No other artist has been able to capture the innocent splendor of early 20th century America like Normal Rockwell. Perhaps the most celebrated artist of his time, Rockwell re-defined the image of nostalgia by creating evocative glimpses into the past. Rockwell's images are so profound, that individuals who aren't old enough to have been blessed with his perspective need only take one look at his work to understand the emotional foundation of the United States.

Born February 3, 1894, Rockwell was given the unique opportunity to experience America in as the nation changed and evolved. Although he lived through more than eight subsequent decades of national change and revolution, Rockwell's artistic style remained consistent. His classic illustrations are each charming reminders of peaceful times and an era long since gone but not forgotten.

An accomplished artist in many mediums, Norman Rockwell was perhaps most celebrated for his treasured illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post. Although his style was remarkably distinctive, Rockwell's work was something to which all Americans could relate. . .and still do. As a result, reproductions of Rockwell's art are extremely popular among contemporary art lovers.

At Greg Lane Fine Arts, our extensive collection would not be complete without a selection of Norman Rockwell art. Our assortment of lithographs offers individuals the opportunity to own a piece of history, if only in print. For more information about Norman Rockwell art, or if you would like to see images of the pieces we offer, please continue to browse our online art gallery.

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